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About Teufel Hunden Hunting Dogs

Hunting Dogs for Hunting Families

My name is Chris Alberini along with my wife Ashley and our four children we are proud to have started Teufel Hunden Hunting Dogs.  Teufel Hunden Hunting Dogs is here to produce and train a complete versatile hunting companion. I have been a police K9 handler since 2009 and we have been involved with versatile hunting dogs shortly after that. We have owned both Pudelpointers and Small Munsterlanders and have borrowed many training techniques from my Police K9 background to train, hunt, and test our dogs.  We are a proud NAVHDA supporter and expect all of our dogs to test and pass NAVHDA tests.  We as a team focus on techniques that best suit you and your dog to achieve the desired results . Our main priority is ensuring that we are producing an all around versatile hunting companion and focus on the health and well-being of all our animals from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond.

I am a Marine Corps Veteran and my wife is an Army Veteran.  We both served our Country in the Iraq war and take pride in our service.  "Teufel Hunden" translates to "devil dog" "dogs from hell" or "hell hound" (depending who you ask) it was bestowed upon the Marines by German soldiers at the Battle of Belleau Wood in June 1918. While the Marines fought their way up the hill, the heat caused them to sweat profusely, foam at the mouth and turned their eyes bloodshot, and at some points the hill was so steep it caused the Marines to climb up it on all fours. From the Germans' vantage point, they witnessed a pack of tenacious, growling figures wearing gas masks, killing everything in their way. As the legend goes, the German soldiers, upon seeing this spectacle, began to yell that they were being attacked by "dogs from hell."  We adopt this name not only for my background as a Marine but because this is the attitude we take on.  We will not give up and we will put 100% into everything we do. We are striving to produce Small Munsterlander puppies that not only meet the breed expectations but exceed them.  We want to send you home with a dog that will hunt and retrieve waterfowl in the morning, hunt upland in the afternoon and love your family in the evening.

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